#90sKidsRumors is Trending on Twitter and These Tweets Will Surely Make you Nostalgic of The Good Old Days
90s kids rumours (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It is one of the best feelings to relive the nostalgia of the 90s. It wouldn't be too wrong to say that the new generation is too pre-occupied by technology since the accessibility of smartphones with the internet is so easy. While we too have become a part of the internet generation with time, it is always pleasant to look back at the things that we grew up with. Thanks to social media, we keep reliving some memories every once in a while. A new trend that has been going on Twitter is discussing the rumours the 90s kids grew up with. The tweets on these will evoke you with some of the funniest things we believed as we grew up. After the #10yearchallenge, TikTok Gets Nostalgic With the Viral #OyeOye Challenge That Is Making Indians Dance Their Hearts Out (Watch Videos).

Our parents came up with some statements (which they knew aren't true) and we believed in them. Or even in school, that one genius of a kid told us something and we passed it on. So these weren't rumours back then but something we abided and believed in strongly. The 90s kids are surely reliving these things as the new trend of #90sKidsRumors has come up. 10 Monsoon Memories That Will Make Every Desi 90s Kid Nostalgic.

Check Some of The Funniest 90s Kids Rumours 

WWE Fans Would Know The Feeling

Sanju's Pencil = Solution to All Problems

Of Fertile Stomachs Capable of Growing Plants

Bumpy Tales

Boomer Will Kill

Ink Eraser

Just reading through some of these brings a smile on our face about how true these are. We all at some point have swallowed a chewing gum and freaked out over it, or hoed to get the magic pencil to make whatever we desire. The trend is a good way of reliving through the good old days. Are you too recollecting some of the things or rumours that you believed in? Feel free to share some in the comments section.