A Quiet Place: The Horror Movie is Shunning Cinema-Goers to Enjoy Their Snacks, People Share Funny Experiences on Twitter
A Quiet Place funny Twitter Moments. (Photo Credits: Dane Cardiel/Twitter)

A Quiet Place, a newly released horror film is about sound-sensitive monsters that hunt humans. The film centres around a family trying to stay alive by living as silently as possible. It is directed by John Krasinki who plays a lead role alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt. The script has very little dialogue and lots of dramatic tension. With USD 50 million opening, Paramount Pictures’ A Quiet Place scored the second best domestic debut of 2018.

But, the movie is unlikely to be great for cinema popcorn sales, as people have been shaming other movie-goers for snacking on food items or even breathing too loudly. The silent movie is making people aware of the noises that they normally make in a packed movie theatre. People are sharing their experiences of watching the movie on Twitter and it is hilarious.

Posts About People Complaining About Others' Munching Acts

While Some Shared Their Own Funny & Embarrassing Moments

Apart from people sharing their embarrassing moments while watching A Quiet Place, a lot of people said the film was a unique and a positive cinema experience. People also celebrated the film for using a real-life deaf actress Millicent Simmonds for the character to play the daughter. Scott Beck, co-screenwriter of A Quiet Place said, "She came to set and taught everyone sign language. It was really amazing and brought an extra depth to the film."