The spread of coronavirus has increased rapidly, and it has infected people in millions across the world. Any information related to COVID-19 available online is overwhelming, not to mention, it is changing every day. And when it comes to the technical terms associated with the outbreak, there are plentiful we are yet to explore. By now, you must have come across COVIDIOTS, community transmission, zumping and a few more from the coronavirus glossary. Now, Urban Dictionary has also defined the meaning of another word that describes the feeling once you remove your facemask. It’s called Airgasm! What does it mean? In this article, we bring you the meaning of airgasm as Twitterati go crazy over this latest slang. From Covidiot to Zumping, Hilarious Words Gen Z Has Come Up for the Coronavirus Era. 

Frequent updates and references to coronavirus on news sites as well as on social media help us to stay informed about the virus. But that can equally be difficult when faced with the increasing amount of complicated terminology that has developed, seemingly overnight around the COVID-19 outbreak. So, when netizens were introduced to Airgasm, posts surfaced across social media stating what it exactly means. Coronavirus Glossary: From Community Transmission to Quarantine; Know Meaning of Phrases and Words Related to COVID-19 Outbreak. 

What is Airgasm?

Urban Dictionary explains Airgasm as, “When you take your mask off, and you take your first breath of fresh air, and you can actually breathe.” While wearing a facemask is necessary, it can be exhausting too. There could have been no better way to express the feeling after a shift in a mask, then coming up with this new COVID-19 vocabulary. Social media users were impressed too as they surfaced Twitter with hilarious reactions and jokes, accompanied with airgasm.

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Netizens Quite Impressed With the Latest Slang


Wearing a mask is extremely important during this time to prevent further spread of the virus causing COVID-19. But the next time you remove the mask, after returning home, you know the exact word now to express the feeling of taking your first breath of fresh air. That’s an airgasm!

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