Social media is a wonderful place, where it takes very little time for something to start trending. A lot of social media challenges are just a result of someone's creative or irregular way of doing something. In a time of newer social media challenges coming every day, a #SareeTwitter hashtag has started trending, and if you love draping sarees then you too should definitely join in. It is not clear who or what inspired it, but women are sharing pictures of them wearing the Indian attire and proudly expressing the beauty of the attire. Numerous people have shared their pictures draped in beautiful sarees and soon #SareeTwitter has taken over on the microblogging network. Narendra Modi Bindis Are Going Viral After PM Modi Sarees; Here’s How’s Twitter Reacted.

Nowadays, due to the hectic lifestyle, few women prefer draping the saree to work or in their regular routines. But when it is time for special traditional occasions like a wedding or pooja it is the drapery attire that makes a mark. And there are so many different ways of draping a saree- like 6 yards or 9 yards, Nivi, no pleats among many others, which make this clothing choice versatile in itself. As #SareeTwitter trends on Twitter, there are so many pictures of women who have shared their pictures in the lovely Indian attire. People are also remembering their best moments and their favourite sarees. ‘Name This Film, Wrong Answers Only’ Is the New Trend Going Viral on Twitter; Check Out Some of the Funniest Answers!

Check Tweets of Women for #SareeTwitter:

Remembering the wedding saree

A Power Suit

Wearing grace

Remembering the one saree you wore

Sharing pics of family members

Twitter is thus flooded with pictures of women adorning sarees and recalling their best moments in a saree. It is not just the women, some men have shared pictures of their girlfriend, wife and daughters to not miss out on the trend. It is not known as to who started this trend but everyone has joined in enthusiastically.

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