Pablo Kang, Australian ambassador to Cambodia, caused outrage on social media by sharing a photo of him eating a dish that had soft-shell turtles, a turtle species which is endangered in many parts of the world. After he posted the pictures, it went viral and he received widespread backlash on Twitter. As he continued to brutally criticised on social media Pablo took to Twitter apologising for sharing pictures of the meal that contained soft turtles. Kang has also worked as the ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, and the High Commissioner to Vanuatu for Australia. Couple Eats Cats, Lizards, Snakes, Stingray and Endangered Birds to Earn Money on YouTube, Watch Video.

On September 10, Kang had shared two pictures of a meal he had eaten during an official visit. He had tweeted saying, "Offered some of these local #Pailin delicacies last night — eel soup and soft-shell turtle." American Trophy Hunter is 'Proud' of Killing Rare Black Giraffe, Defends Her Viral Pic With Slain Animal!

Pablo Kang Shares Photo of Eating Endangered Cambodian Soft-Shell Turtle Dish (Photo Credits: @AusEmbPP Twitter)

On Tuesday he tweeted apologies and removed the tweet. He wrote saying, "Hello. I have removed my tweet about softshell turtles & eels, and apologise to all those who took offence. My intent was not to promote these dishes, but to tell people about some of the foods I was offered during my recent provincial visit." Kang also wrote, "I certainly do not condone the harvesting of any endangered species for food or other purposes, and will be more careful about my actions in future."

Pablo Tang Tweets Apologies:

Here's Another Tweet:

A tweet reads, "All Softshell Turtle species in SE Asia are listed as at least vulnerable, while others are endangered". Another Twitter user writes, "Consumption is the number 1 threat, and demand is in part due to perception that it is a 'high-status' food, all the more reckless for an Ambassador to promote!" Last century, giant softshell turtles had disappeared from most of their habitat. Environmentalists, animal and nature lovers had hit out at the Kang for his actions demanding an explanation for his 'insensitive' actions.

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