Mumbai, May 26: The heartbroken family of a 13-year-old Melbourne girl who passed away after breathing hazardous chemicals has demanded action in the matter to save other children against the same fate. Esra Haynes allegedly engaged in the 'chroming' social media trend while at a sleepover on March 31, 2023, according to She suffered irreversible brain damage and a heart arrest shortly after.

After going into cardiac arrest and spending eight days on life support, the family chose to switch off the devices. Benadryl TikTok Challenge: What Is the Viral Benadryl Challenge? Second Death Due to Dangerous Trend As Johnson & Johnson Issues Statement Over Dangers of Online Challenge.

She spent nearly 1.5 weeks in the ICU battling for her life; while her heart and lungs were okay, but her brain was unable to recover. We had to say goodbye to her, and it was awful, her sister explained.

Following her passing, her parents, Paul and Andrea Haynes, have made it their goal to spread awareness about young people who engage in such risky behaviours. They are now advising kids and teenagers to avoid making the same error as their daughter, claiming that they were unaware of what 'chroming' was until they received the call informing them that their daughter was being brought to the hospital.

We want to prevent other kids from making the same mistake by not letting them do it. There is no doubt that this will be our mission. A horse may be dragged away by anyone, no matter how hard you try to lead them to water, Haynes told the Herald Sun.

They are also requesting that deodorant compositions be made safer and that CPR instruction be made a requirement in all schools. TikTok Sued After Two Young Girls Died in 2021 While Performing the Viral 'Blackout Challenge'.

Meanwhile, 'chroming', often known as huffing, involves inhaling depressant-containing household chemicals such metallic paints, solvents, gasoline, aerosol cans and other substances. This type of inhalation substance slows down brain activity and has an effect on the central nervous system, producing a brief "high."

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