Chennai Man Attempts Suicide on Facebook Live Video Over Failed Love Affair, Rushed to Hospital
Sajin (Photo Credits: Sajin Facebook)

In a shocking turn of events, a 25-year-old from Chennai in a live Facebook video attempted suicide by consuming poison. Sajin tried to end his life over a failed love affair with a girl from Nagercoil. After seeing the video, Sajin's friends ran to his rescue and took him to Aasaripallam Hospital in Kanyakumari. He is currently undergoing treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

According to a report, he was in a relationship with the girl who is an engineering college student. The couple secretly got married and lived separately at their parent's house. They would meet each other without anyone's knowledge not leaking the story of their marriage. However, one-day Sajin went a message to her calling her as his 'lovable wife'. The girl's parents saw the message and demanded an explanation. According to the Mirror Now report, after finding out about her secret marriage, they did not allow her to leave the house contact Sajin. Depression Takes Another Life! Final-Year Student at MDI Commits Suicide by Jumping From Seventh Floor of College Hostel.

Knowing the developments, Sajin filed a petition in Madurai High Court requesting to rescue his wife from her parents. The girl then came to the court with her parents and said that Sajin had cheated her and tricked her into marrying him. She told the court that she would like to continue living with her parents only. After hearing this statement, the High Court ordered the girl to go with her parents.

Hearing her decision, Sajin and his parents tried to convince the girl, but she did not comply. Meanwhile, the girl's parents filed a case against Sajin saying that Sajin had given her life threat after the court hearing.

Following the incident, Sajin tried to commit suicide by drinking poison on Facebook live. Going live on Facebook, Sajin says, "We both are in love with each other since school days. But due to her parents’ stress, she had given a fake complaint against me, hence I am committing suicide. She should be allowed to see my face if I die."