Chinese Teenager Steals Parked Seaplane For Joyride, Impressed Pilots Offer to Give Him Formal Flying Lessons!
Seaplane (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A Chinese teenager broke into a local airport and stole seaplanes and took them for a joyride. The 13-year-old boy in eastern China has reportedly been fined for stealing two planes. While it is a criminal activity and may even result in imprisonment, this boy was a little too lucky. The pilots at the airport were so impressed that they not only forgave the boy, but also offered to give him some flying lessons. Man Steals $200K From Home for Bulgarian Woman He Met on 'Adult Cam Website', Kills Parents & Brother.

He drove the aircraft around a car park and hit a crash barrier. According to the South China Morning Post, the incident caused damages worth 8,000 yuan (£935). He was caught arriving on an electric bike at the Taihu Lake hangar in eastern Zhejiang province on CCTV on July 15.

Before attempting the act, the teenager had spent considerable time observing the staff doing the maintenance work on the planes at the SeaRey base. The CCTV footage shows him pulling a 450kg seaplane from its hangar, climbing into the cockpit and starting the engine. He drove it around the airport, hit the barrier and then switched to another plane. The teenagers' parents were made aware of their son's act by the airport staff. They informed the parents asking for compensation for damages. Delhi: Woman Attempts to Rob E-Rickshaw After Verbal Spat With Driver, Held.

However, SeaRey base director was quoted as saying, "We pilots all admired him." The director also said that he would like to train the teenager to become a pilot. In the past too, teenagers have tried to steal planes. In 2018, US police arrested two teenagers who stole a plane from the airport runway. They were seen "flying very low" after taking off in a small aircraft from a private airstrip.