If you know a bit about snakes, you'd know it is important for them to maintain their body temperature. They are cold-blooded reptiles, which means they cannot generate body heat internally and seek it from the warm sun. So when a cobra was rescued from a cold-weather region of South Africa, the rescuer gave it a hot water bath in a tub! A cape cobra was found laying inside the pipes at a construction site. A rescuer was called in to take away the snake. Snake catcher André du Preez arrived at the location and took away the cobra in his backpack. But to keep it warm he decided to give it a hot water bath. The snake, however, was not very impressed. Picture and video of the snake in a bathtub have been shared online. Bathing Cobra to Rat Chasing Away a Serpent, Interesting Snake Videos That Went Viral This Week.

The incident took place last week at a construction site in Worcester, Western Cape, SA. The weathers have been chilly for a while and the serpent was probably seeking some warmth in the pipes here. When the snake rescuer André du Preez came in to take the snake, he noticed that it was getting cold. He did the regular checks to see if there were any other injuries on it. After that, he decided to give it a hot tub bath to get some warmth. He told a local report, "It was a wet and rainy day, and it was cold and muddy. I decided to run a warm, salty bath because temperature is important for reptiles." Picture of the cobra sitting on tap and a video of it gliding from the hot tub has been shared online. UK Woman Finds Huge Boa Constrictor, One of Largest Snakes in The World in Her Bathroom (View Scary Pics).

Check The Video of Snake Taking Hot Bath Here:

Here's a Pic of The Cobra Sitting Atop The Tap:

It looks so scary in the above picture, more likely unimpressed with the hot bath. That's what it was told the rescuer. He mentioned that he removed it quickly from the bathroom and caged in one of his enclosures. The snake cage has a special heat plate to keep the snake warm. He mentioned that he would look after the snake until it develops a proper appetite and then left into the wild after the weather clears up a bit. So amusing to see a snake taking a bath right? Although it did not look too pleased with the warmth it was getting.

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