The deadly disease of Coronavirus has forced several countries into a lockdown situation. France is one of the countries that has declared a nationwide lockdown for two weeks. As everything remains shut, it is the medical heroes who are constantly working round the clock to deal with the deadly disease. Amidst all of this, videos of nightly tribute to medical heroes are going viral on Twitter. At present, there are more than 6,000 COVID-19 cases in the country so one can imagine the pressure the medical staff must be having to deal with. To value their efforts in fighting this pandemic, citizens have decided to offer nightly tributes regularly. So every night, citizens open their windows and balconies and express gratitude by clapping for the medical heroes. Italian Doctor Shares Ordeal on Twitter As Coronavirus Spreads Across Italy, Says Hospital Running Out of Capacity, Death Toll on the Rise.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced a 15-day lockdown on Tuesday to ensure people's trips out will be reduced. Now, most of the cafés, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and shops have been closed. Government is urging everyone to stay at home. Amidst all these warnings, its the medical staff that has no time to even head back home. From nurses to doctors, everyone is working without sleep to deal with this pandemic which has already claimed about 170 deaths in the country. And to honour their hard work, every night at 8 PM, people open their windows and clap out to appreciate all these heroes. Videos of their gesture have been shared online.

Watch Videos of Nightly Tributes in France:

Day 1

Cheering With Claps

Thank You Message

People urged others to join in daily at 8 PM. It is a good effort and the medical staff also needs this kind of support right now, other than the environment of panic. This also reminds us of another video that went viral from Italy, wherein quarantined people got together to sing from their balconies. It is things and instances like these which provide good hope amidst the time of crisis.

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