Cum on Shoes! Twitterati Troll Latest Sneaker Design Priced at $2000 (View Pics)
Cum shoes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The sneaker fashion industry is trying to get innovative but looks like the inspiration isn't in the right places for some. After Crocs collaborated with Kentucky Fried Chicken to make shoes that look like fried chicken, a yet another sneaker design has debuted, but this one's a little more messed up. The Maison Margiela Black Fusion Low Sneakers are men's leather sneaker, but with some cum on it! No, it's not us but the internet's saying it. The black coloured leather shoes have some "Transparent rubberized trim" which netizens have concluded looks like cum. Needless to say, the pictures became viral on the internet with some funny reactions.

Priced roughly at $2000, these black sneakers are called Men's Fusion Chunky Trainers. The exorbitant price is probably because they have low-top buffed calfskin, a perforated detailing around the toe, lace-up detailing in grey and black. Plus, there's signature white stitch at padded mesh collar, treaded rubber sole in black. But the design clearly looks something else than hot glue gun mess. People gave some funny reactions on Twitter calling it the "cum on shoes" design. Condoms For Your Feet! Protect Your Favourite Pair of Sneakers with The Shoe Condom.

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This is not the first time we have come across such shoe trends. Italian high fashion sneaker brand Golden Goose was mired in online outrage after they got in 'Superstar Tape Sneaker' priced at 530 USD. A lot of netizens called them out for glorifying poverty.