Dalmatian Female Dog Breaks Record by Giving Birth to 19 Puppies in Australia (Watch Cute Video)
Dalmatian puppies (Photo Credits: Facebook/ABCGoulburnMurray)

Remember the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians where the family had to adopt all the spotted pups at the end? While that plot deemed fit for a movie, a dog breeder in the Australian city of Albury has a task of managing 20 dalmatians, as her female dog gave birth to 19 puppies! A dalmatian named Melody has broken the record for the largest litter for her breed by giving birth to 19 of them. Melissa O'Brien, the breeder knew that it ould be a big litter but wasn't expecting so many puppies too. A video of these 19 puppies has been shared online and people are obviously filled with awe, spreading the cuteness even more. Woman Finds Her Cute Pet Puppy of a Year is Originally a Fox, Sends it to a Zoo for Proper Care.

Melody weighed about 15 kilograms when she was pregnant, giving O'Brien an idea that she would need to be prepared for a lot of puppies. The dogs were born by C-section and like the breeder said, "It was like a never ending supply of them." A team of 8 people assisted her to deliver the puppies. The litter consists of ten male and nine females. All the puppies came out white and they would develop their spots later as they get older. National Puppy Day 2019: Watch Funny Videos of Cute Puppies to Brighten Up Your Weekend.

Watch Video of 19 Dalmatian Puppy Litter:

Vet Chris Wolmarans told 9News, "We knew this was big... Everybody had a puppy they were resuscitating, and cleaning, and dealing with." O'brein also mentioned that this was the first time Melody delivered puppies and it would also be the last time. Because of course, looking after 19 of her kids is going to be exhausting for the mother dog. The puppies have been named after Disney characters, such as Pumbaa from The Lion King, or Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And talking of Disney movies, we just can't help but remember the Dalmatian movie. Maybe she could use some names from there too? For now, she's too tied up looking after the largest litter ever Dalmatian litter.