India is home to over 100 languages, 22 of which are part of the constitution. In a state like this, language might sometimes become a barrier. But today, the difference in language emerged as the winner that united a lot of citizens people of the country. Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut, two very able actors of the Indian film industry, have polar opposite stands on the farmers' protests unfolding across the nation. Diljit, who has primarily worked in Punjabi industry but also featured in hit Bollywood movies, took offence to a tweet by the National Award-winning actress, where she allegedly insinuated that an old lady from Punjab, whose pictures were splashed across media, was available for protests at a daily wage. Diljit Dosanjh’s Twitter War With Kangana Ranaut Over Farmers’ Protests Inspires Netizens to Come Up With Funny Memes and Jokes (View Tweets).

Kangana has however denied any allegations and said that she was referring to someone else. But, this gave rise to a heated exchange between the two actors, where Kangana even called Diljit KJo's pet. But, things are only getting interesting from here onwards.

If You Are Not On Twitter Today, The Trending Topics Are

You see, Diljit got into a war of words with Kangana and unleashed fierce Punjabi comebacks at her. Of course, Twitterati was delighted! But also a bit confused. Not everyone could understand the pure Punjabi savagery posted by Diljit, but everyone knew something epic went down there.

SO People Were Asking For Translations!

FOMO Ho Raha

MOM? Where Are You?


In no time, Twitter users who were well versed with the language, started offering their free translation services. Well, most of them. Some did joke about charging for translations. Some joked about sliding into DMs for translation. But, God, imagine India where we celebrate the difference in language with such ease!

People On Twitter Offered Free Translations Of Diljit's Tweets

Here's One More Guy's Offer

For Serotonin Rush

Gurmehar Kaur Also Provided Translations

The jibe-exchange between the two of the best guests ever on Koffee with Karan has ended for now. Or has it? The drama might continue. So, keep the Twitterati mentioned above handy, you might just need their services.

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