Disappointed Parents Funny Memes Take Over Twitter As Career-Shaming Meets Classic Dad Joke!
Disappointed Parents Funny Memes (Photo Credits: Pexels/ Twitter)

Parents will be parents, and so will their disappointment. No matter what you do, their traditional expectations from your career cannot ever be stopped. But you can always come up making hilarious jokes out of it. Because, why not? Twitter is currently flooded with a new meme that is basically your dad roasting you during an airborne medical emergency. If you are not a medics by profession, you would surely want to be a part of this new meme trend that has now taken over the micro-blogging platform. From a YouTuber to cinematographer to even a pilot, every profession is trolled here, by the fathers as career-shaming meets classic dad joke. Man Unknowingly Tags Salem Police Station in US to Complain About Rickshaw Drivers in Tamil Nadu, Old Tweet Goes Viral.

In this viral trend, the disappointed parents have boarded flight along with their kids. There is a medical emergency in several thousand feet in the air. Now, if you are not a doctor by profession, your worth is equally of no use as everyone else, who is not a medics. We are not saying it but the disappointed dads on the plot. If you too are not in the medical profession, you are sure to relate with these memes. And those of who are, just laugh it along!

Here Begins the Meme:

We Need A Doctor Here!

Anything, but Doctor:

Laughing Out Loud:


Literally, No Use:

“Disappointed parent” memes have been around for a quite a while now. And especially in India, our desi mom and dad, are quite popular for comparing their kids with Sharma ji ka beta. Be it exam scores or career choices, their traditional job roles never really matched our aspirations. And we cannot really do much about it, but create some more funny memes.