Dog's Ear Falls Off After Owner Colours Them Red! Netizens Slam Thai Woman For Being Cruel and Irresponsible (Watch Video)
Dog's ear falls off after dyeing red (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

The worst thing that can happen to any pet is when the owner starts treating them like an object for showing off. A Thai pet owner has been slammed by people on the internet when she dyed the ears of her Pomeranian into bright red. The dog's ears started drooping off right after the procedure and it has resulted in one of the ears falling off completely! The dog developed an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the dye that was used. The owner took to help on social media but was slammed by the people and vets calling her 'irresponsible'. Glitter on Dogs’ Testicles? Why This Inhuman ‘Trend’ Shouldn’t Catch On. 

The name of the owner is not revealed but she took her pet Diffy to a grooming salon in Hua Hin, eastern Thailand. She wanted to colour the ears and tail of her blonde pooch. The people at the salon used a foil wrap dye on the dog for about 40 minutes. Just as the dye was washed, she noticed that its ears were drooping instead of standing pertly like before. The owner of the salon assured that they would stand within 2-3 days. Instead, they started burning up due to the allergic reaction to the chemicals used. Meet Remus, a Dog Which Responds to Harry Potter Spells! Watch Cute Video.

Watch Video of Diffy Whose Left Ear Fell Off After Owner Dyed Them Red

Not just the ears, Diffy started experiencing very itchy skin and started flaking. Not knowing what to do, the owner sought help online but was slammed by everyone for her actions in the first place. The reaction allergic became so strong that one of Diffy's ears fell off completely! The owner wrote, "Diffy's left ear is now falling off because of the colour dye. The pet groomer put too much dye on him. My dog's ear was itchy, burnt, turned black, cracked, and eventually fell off. I don't blame the grooming store but I blame myself for wanting to have his ears dyed." The owner received a more angry backlash for mistreating her pet.

The poor dog is not without one ear forever and all thanks to his owner's grooming needs! Hope this proves to be a good lesson to not just this dog owner but even every other pet owner who wishes to get their dogs styled just for show.