Meet Remus, a Dog Which Responds to Harry Potter Spells! Watch Cute Video
Remus the dog is trained to respond to Harry Potter spells (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

Harry Potter, as a character or the entire series, has been quite influencing for its readers to believe in magic. The die-hard fans of the series always wish if there was a real Hogwarts where they could go and learn. One particular fan of this series has now taken her fandom to a next level! YouTuber Anna Brisbin has trained her pet dog to respond to the magic spells from the series. Oh yes! While most pet owners start with basic commands, this 1-year-old miniature dachshund from Los Angeles has been learning to respond to Harry Potter spells since he was 2 months old. And now he is a master at it. A video of Remus, the dog which shows him obeying and responding to the Harry Potter spells is going viral. Golden Retriever Pup Accidently Locks Himself Out; Clever Dog Uses Video Doorbell to Get Back in the House.

The pup is also named after the character of Professor Remus Lupin from J.K. Rowling’s series. And the pup now has learnt to respond exactly to all the spells. So when Anna says Avada Kedavra, little Remus lies down as if he's dead. When she says the levitation spell Wingardium Leviosa, he manages to stand on his hind feet and balance himself. Remus is also dressed in Gryffindor sweater and tie responding with all the right actions, as his owner has trained him. An Adorable Cat Named Dog is Selling Fish in Vietnam, See Cute Pictures of the Feline Seller.

Check Remus' Picture in Gryffindor Uniform


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A video which compiles his responses to Harry Potter spells was shared online and has only been receiving praises.

Check Video of Remus, the Dog Responding to Harry Potter Spells

Isn't it adorable how he enacts all the actions? The pup too seems to have developed a fandom for the series just like his owner. Talking about training Remus for all the tactics, Brisbin was quoted to Huffington Post, "Stupefy (stunning spell) and Wingardium Leviosa were super early on and easy to train. Some, like Lumos and Nox (wand-extinguishing charm), he only learned this week. But because he had already learned to push the button for Alohomora (unlocking charm), it was super easy for him to learn." Brisbin believes that the series has contributed a lot to her. It may have shaped her, but she has managed to shape up her pet to the spells of Harry Potter, a little too well.