Glitter on Dogs’ Testicles? Why This Inhuman ‘Trend’ Shouldn’t Catch On
Dog glitter testicles. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Groomies)

It is 2019 no wonder you are reading the headline you just did. Many people around the world are stooping to new lows every day just to get on the trending page and receiving the two-minute cheap fame for no reason. However, what recently turned controversial was a dog groomer's picture who went out of her way to apply glitter to the testicles of a dog. Moreover, a dog grooming Facebook page even posted the picture of a dog with glitter "decorated" testicle, only to receive flak from the social media users some of who even go ahead to call the practice animal abuse. Man With 35 Kg Testicles Undergoes Life-Saving Surgery, Finally Gets To Have Sex With Wife After 7 Years.

Popular Facebook pages of dog groomers like Groomery Foolery and Royal Paws Pet Salon have reportedly put up pictures of grooming the dog testicles with glitter although they have mentioned that they use absolutely safe glitter and other ingredients to groom the dogs' testicles.

This post from showing dog testicles 'decorated' with glitter with the caption- "I have seen so many things in this career. Very few things surprise me. Yet here I sit looking at glitter dog balls. ETA: done using corn syrup and edible glitter. Those are some sweet balls. Take a look at some of the posts." Take a look at the pictures.

What do you say?

Some people did react negatively about this new dog-grooming trend.

Jordan Burns, a professional groomer and breeder from Kentucky, tells People that it was her poodle who had glitter testicles and that she was careful of not bothering the dog. She also insisted that #glitterballs are not a new grooming trend. She told the esteemed publication that "This is not a service any groomer, including myself, will ever offer in the future." She further said that, "I have received some backlash and wanted to say that I would never put my dogs in harm’s way or mistreat them. This was a one-time joke among friends and not a trend."