New Delhi, May 7: A fake video claiming that COVID-19 can be cured at home by drinking alum water is doing rounds on social media platforms. The fake and misleading video, which is being widely shared, claims that consumption of alum water can save people from contracting the deadly virus. Moreover, the claim further adds that people who have been affected by coronavirus can also be easily cured by drinking alum water. COVID-19 Can Be Cured at Home Using Black Pepper, Ginger and Honey? Viral News Claiming Pondicherry University Student Has Found Home Remedy for Coronavirus Is Fake.

The viral video claims a man saying that gargling with alum is the cure for COVID-19. He goes on to say that people should gargle using the alum water after having their meals for better results. The man says once any person consumes the alum water, the COVID-19 virus cannot enter that person's body.  

Here's the tweet:

Unfortunately, these claims are completely misleading and fake. Alum water will not protect you against COVID-19. Dismissing the fake claims, a fact check by Press Information Bureau (PIB) has said that the video claiming that consumption of alum can save people from contracting the COVID-19 virus, is fake. The fact check stated that there is no scientific evidence supporting the claims. People have been advised time and again to take proper medical consultation in case of any coronavirus symptoms.

The coronavirus cases in India are progressively increasing over the past few days. Amid the situation, the spread of such false and unscientific claims are high. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic in India, several such fake news regarding the COVID-19 treatment are being widely shared by social media users, leading to confusion among the masses. The government has urged people not to blindly follow messages and rely only on official releases of the relevant medical authorities for any such information.

Fact check

COVID-19 Can Be Cured by Consuming Alum Water? Viral Video Claiming Alum Water Can Make Coronavirus Patients Healthy Is Fake News, Know the Truth
Claim :

In a video, it is being claimed that the consumption of alum water can cure COVID-19 and an infected person can get healthy.

Conclusion :

The claim is fake. COVID-19 patients need to consult a trusted doctor for the right treatment of the infection.

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