Mumbai, July 6: A viral claim circulating on social media suggests that the coloured marks at the bottom of toothpaste tubes indicate whether the ingredients are natural or chemical-based. According to the claim, black signifies pure chemicals, red denotes a mix of natural and chemical ingredients, blue indicates a blend of natural substances with medicinal properties, and green suggests purely natural ingredients. However, this assertion is misleading and lacks factual basis.

In reality, the coloured markings on toothpaste tubes serve a completely different purpose—they are part of the manufacturing process and are used by machines to ensure accurate tube cutting, folding, and sealing. These marks are read by light beam sensors, guiding the automated production line rather than providing information about the toothpaste's composition. Man Orders Headphones Worth Rs 20,000 Online, Receives Toothpaste Instead; Amazon Responds After Unboxing Video Goes Viral.

Viral Claims on Social Media

Netizens Toothpaste Tube Colour Codes Claim


Understanding Toothpaste Tube Color Codes

Pacmac, a company specialising in tube filling machines, clarified that these marks help machines detect the tube's end, ensuring precise packaging and printing alignment. Different colours signify various sensors or stages in the packaging process and are not related to the toothpaste's ingredients. Furthermore, toothpaste ingredient information crucial for consumers is typically found on the product packaging itself or on the tube. Govt To Provide Free Solar Stoves to All Women With 10-Year Guarantee Under 'Free Cooking Stove Scheme'? PIB Fact Check Fake News.

Basic components such as abrasives for cleaning, humectants for texture, fluoride for dental protection, and flavouring agents are standard across all toothpaste varieties. Despite claims suggesting colour-coded insights into ingredient purity, no toothpaste brands in India or elsewhere can claim to be entirely natural, as confirmed by the Department of Consumer Affairs. In conclusion, the notion that toothpaste tube colour codes provide insights into ingredient composition is erroneous. Consumers should rely on printed ingredient lists and regulatory guidelines for accurate information about the products they use. Misinterpretations like these underscore the importance of verifying information before sharing it widely on social media platforms.

Fact check

Toothpaste Colour Codes Indicate if Ingredients Are Natural or Chemicals? As Fake Claim Goes Viral, Know What Red, Green, Blue and Black Colours on Toothpaste Tubes Actually Mean
Claim :

Netizens claim that toothpaste tube colours indicate natural or chemical ingredients.

Conclusion :

Claims about toothpaste tube colours indicating ingredients are false.

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