Fake News! Video of PM Modi Asking a Little Girl to Say 'Rahul Gandhi Pappu Hai' is Fake, Check The Real Video
PM Modi with little girl in Navsari is doctored for a fake video (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

The fake news circuit is very difficult to control. Doctored videos, pictures, statements keep coming up on the internet to form divided opinion among the people. Especially in the field of politics, the fake news is like a vicious circle. A recent video has been shared on social media which shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraging a little girl to say, "Rahul Gandhi Pappu hai." The post claims that PM Modi has crossed all limits. But it is a fake video so do not believe anything that comes your way. Fake News Busted: Has PM Modi Hired a Makeup Artist For Rs 15 Lakh a Month? 

In the video, PM Modi is seen talking to the child at an event. He adjusts the mic on the podium and says, "Bol Beta." The child then says, "Rahul Gandhi pappu hai.” This one video has been shared multiple times essentially saying the same thing that PM Modi has surpassed all limits and encouraging the child against the opposition. Fake Video Message Alert! Long Queue in Kerala After Floods Is to Buy Petrol and Not Liquor; Netizens Praise Malayalees' Discipline. 

Here is the Fake Video Message That Has Been Shared on Facebook Several Times

But don't believe what you see because the video has been doctored from another incident at Navsari. The differently-abled girl had read an extract from Ramayana at this event.

Check Out The Real Video of PM Modi With the Little Girl

PM Modi encourages the little girl to recite Ramayana saying, "Bolo beta, bolo.” As the crowd cheers on, the girl starts reciting. So now that you know do not fall prey to any such fake videos which are created for fuelling personal political agendas. As an aware and active citizen, if you come across such videos do not believe them and try to find out the original ones.