Ever since a lockdown has been imposed in most countries around the world, we have heard of animals coming out in the open. Stories of animals reclaiming over the world with nature are healing angles are making it to headlines. Be it friendly peacocks or dangerous wild ones, pictures and videos are all over social media. Now a woman from the UK has shared a video of fox babies in her garden! A mother fox is seen feeding at least four babies in the garden. The user shared the video on Twitter and people are delighted to see the wild ones coming in such close proximity to humans. Animals Reclaiming The Earth: 13 Instances of Animals and Birds Roaming Freely During Coronavirus Lockdown From Around The World (Watch Viral Pics And Videos).

A Twitter user Tracy (@pekingfrog) shared a couple of videos of the fox babies in her garden. She captioned it, "I can’t quite believe I’m seeing this ....but this in my garden on Sunday afternoon!" In her first video, a mother fox is surrounded by four to five cubs. While the user has captured the video, the fox also looks straight into the camera, like keeping a watch on the human, as some people have remarked. In the comments, Tracy informs that there are a total of five cubs and the mother even went away for a while after leaving her cubs in the garden. Well, netizens are very impressed to see these visitors. The video is going viral.

Watch Video of Fox Babies in Woman's Garden:

Mama Fox Keeping an Eye


Fox News, Literally

Garden's a Safe Place


Seeing the excitement, Tracy shared another video of one of the fox babies roaming and playing about in the yard.

Check The Video Here:

Cute aren't they? Looks like, it is regular for Tracy to have these visitors every year. So this is not necessarily a result of the lockdown. But nonetheless, people on the internet are in love with these furry visitors.

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