French Man Dies on Work Trip After Having Sex, Paris Court Says 'Employer is Responsible For Any Accident That Happens on Work Tour'
Dead Body (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Paris, September 13: A French Court has held an employer liable after a man died due to heart attack during a business trip. According to a New York Times report, the man, identified as Xavier, travelled in 2013 to the Loiret region as a security technician for the rail engineering company TSO.  During his work trip, one night he had sex with a woman at her house before returning to his hotel. On the same night, he died due to heart attack later. Mom, Daughter Drag France to Court Over Health Problems Caused By Pollution, Demand for $182,000 Gets Shot Down.

TSO challenged the health insurance provider's decision that the death resulted from a work-related accident. The company said that Xavier had indulged in an adulterous relationship when he had gone there only on a business trip and this was outside the firm's purview. The insurance provider, however, argued that having sex is as normal as 'taking a shower or a meal'

The French Court further highlighted that any accident that takes place on a business trip to be 'work-related' and the employer is to be held responsible for it, even if it is not closely related to the employee’s mission.