The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a lockdown in the country and people have been asked to stay indoors. However, despite repeated efforts and announcements to stay put, people have been stepping out of their home, many for reasons avoidable. In this case, it is the police who have to resort to measures to keep people indoors. Amid all the videos of the cops punishing the violators, in some places, police personnel have used another technique, that would embarrass the violators and thus force them to stay indoors. Some of them have even chosen to be kind to people and explain to them that being at home is the need of the hour. Mumbai to Delhi, How Different City Police Depts' Official Twitter Handles Are Giving Important Message on Social Distancing (Check Witty Tweets).

Cops in Chhattisgarh performed aarti of those who were violating the lockdown protocols. A TikTok video has captured the scene wherein cops are seen holding a pooja thali which has some flowers and a lit diya too. The moment they catch a violator, they were seen performing aarti on violators and showering them with flowers. The same has been captured on TikTok videos too. Coronavirus Lockdown in India: From Wearing COVID-19 Helmet to Riding Horse Painted With Images of Virus, Cops Get Creative to Raise Awareness About the Pandemic.

Watch Videos of Chhattisgarh Police Performing Aarti Here:

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A few days ago, on the day of Janta Curfew of March 22, the Delhi Police used kindness as a medium to convey the message. A video was shared on social media, which showed cops offering flowers to the motorists and passersby who were on the road and urged them to go home and stay indoors.

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In another case of embarrassing the violators, cops made them stand with placards that read, "I am the enemy of society" and "I am friend of Coronavirus." Pictures of these people were then shared on social media for others to display. It was carried out in some parts of Uttar Pradesh and also North East India.

Check the Pics Here:

Police Officer Singing Song:

Indian Cricketer, Suresh Raina shared another video that shows a police officer singing and creating awareness about coronavirus among residents.

The police force is having an equally tough job to ensure, people do not break the coronavirus lockdown protocol. While in some cases, there had to be beatings and severe punishments, these examples show the police also tried different ways to convince people to stay put.

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