The police force in the country is working too hard to ensure that people are abiding by the rules of the lockdown. To control the community spread of Coronavirus, people have been asked to stay indoors. In India, a 21-day lockdown was ordered by PM Narendra Modi on March 24. And to convince people to stay indoors, police departments are effectively using social media profiles to give messages to stay at home. As a lot of people happen to be of the younger generation, who is more or less glued on to social media these days, the official police accounts are ensuring they give out messages which will be relatable to those. The Mumbai Police used a reference from popular sitcom FRIENDS, while the Pune Police, played on code phrase '143' for 'I Love You'. Meghalaya Police's Witty Tweet on 'Rasna' as Drugs Impresses Netizens, Other Times Police Departments Creatively Trolled Drug Peddlers.

In the last two days, we have seen videos of police lathi charging or punishing those breaking the rules of the lockdown. But still, some people refuse to abide to stay within their homes. The official Twitter accounts of police from different states are spreading the message of 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' in creative ways. Other than dispensing the information about the current situation or addressing people's concern, today we have seen excellent use of Twitter handles to pass on the message to stay home or maintain social distance. Coronavirus Self-Distancing Satire Memes Go Viral and They Are Too Relatable if You Are Isolating Yourselves to Prevent Catching COVID-19.

Check Mumbai Police's Tweet:

FRIENDS' fans would totally get it. Using Phoebe and Joey's French learning context, they give a message of how Joey perfectly understands the rules of quarantine. After 'Bulati Hai Magar, Janeka Nai', Here Comes Mumbai Police's Social Distancing Advisory 'Jo Virus Hai Vo Phaillane Ka Nai'.

Check Punjab Police's Tweet:

The DGP of Punjab Police shared an interesting GIF to show why one should stay behind closed doors. With words, "Rest at Home or Rest in Peace," the message is loud and clear.

Check Pune Police's Tweet:

Keeping the current generation in mind, Pune Police taps on the issue of maintaining distance with the phrase 'I Love You' which is often denoted with 143. They give the message of 'I Stay Home' with 144, calling it directly proportional to 143. They nicely imply that one should stay home for the betterment of their own and their loved ones.

Check UP Police's Tweet:

Using the game of lagori, they give a message of maintaining distance. Lagori is a game which has flat stones one over another and the idea to break them with a ball. Using an image of the game, they give the message of the need for distance.

Check Delhi Police's Tweet:

We all love playing Tic Tac Toe, it is in fact, the most common games which we can play anywhere. But using the same reference, the Delhi Police gave a nice message of stay where you are and maintaining social distance. Because here it's not about winning.

The above tweets show how the police personnel are ensuring they keep the public informed using creative messages. Considering the young audience that is most active on Twitter, they use references that are far more relatable to get the point across.

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