From Polar Vortex in US to Meghan Markle’s Empowering Messages for the Sex Workers; 7 Videos That Went Viral This Week
Meghan Markle’s Empowering Messages on Bananas & US Boiling Water Challenge (Photo Credits: @KensingtonRoyal/ @JimRosenberg23/ Twitter)

We have entered the second month of 2019, and there is so much happening already. Aside from keeping us engaged in too many concerns existing across the world, the internet this week also holds some beautiful videos, memes and moments. To help your coming week move along a little faster, we have listed this week’s collection of our favourite viral moments. Well, of course, the list includes chilling videos from the United States, but you can take a sigh of relief because they are light-hearted. On the other hand, if you are bored of #10YearChallenge and looking for something new, make space for some #OyeOye and #BoilingWater challenges. These Hilarious Polar Vortex 2019 Memes Won’t Keep You Warm, But Will Make You LMAO!

The world spends a lot of time scrolling down on their social media feed. It will not be wrong saying that the viral videos, memes and crazy challenges have become a big deal to the netizens. They are a saviour! Check out this week’s videos that kept the social media captivated throughout. Also, do not miss Meghan Markle’s beautiful gesture towards Bristol sex workers that made her followers fall in love with her, all over again.

1. Australian Snake Catcher Snares Biggest Eastern Brown Snake

Oh yes, the week started with this giant snake, who undoubtedly gave the social media users some nightmares. Australia is home to a large number of dangerous species of snakes, and the brown serpent is no less venomous than their predecessors. The internet thanked the Australian Snake Catcher, Richie Gilbert for being quick to snare the reptile which was spotted slithering at a garage in the north of Brisbane.

2. Brazilian Banker Dressed as Spider-Man on His Last Day at Work

Where most of us remain confused on how to spend the 8-hour stint on our last day, this Brazilian Banker gave some bold advice—dress like a Spider-Man. The moment the banker’s photos and videos arrived on the internet, people already began to admire him. His superhero stunt has given some inspiration to make the last day at work less-awkward and stressful.

3. Chinese Toddler Darting into Yoga Class Late

The list must have a cute video, and this one is certainly the best of the week. This Chinese toddler, dubbed as the Fast and Furious kid on social media, nailed his late entry into his yoga class. The unapologetic kid did the asanas like a pro, and we could not agree more.

4. Polar Vortex Turns Woman’s Wet Hair into Ice

As mentioned already, the week has been more about the frigid temperatures at the United States that have put a halt into the everyday life of the residents. Although, the situation is stressful, people found their way to make it light-hearted by posting pictures and videos of the snow land. This is one out of many that surfaced on the internet. The short clip shows how temperatures in the Midwest are hair-raising.

5. Polar Vortex Boiling Water Challenge

The arctic temperatures and icy winds have made room for some videos showing nature’s fantastic skill. People courageously stepped outside to throw boil water out in the air, which almost turns to ice when exposed to the wind, because of the extreme temperatures. The Boiling Water Challenge is though risky, it looks beautiful when solidifies into the air.

6. TikTok Oye Oye Challenge in India

The most recent one going viral is Indians dancing crazily on Nani k yaha jaunga oye oye. While we just saw, people are reminiscing with their 10-year-old self, this new trend is 2019’s second nostalgic challenge. And it could not get better!

7. Meghan Markle Writing Empowering Messages on Bananas for Sex Workers

The week just ended right. Don’t you agree? Meghan Markle has only made stand-out appearances to wherever she goes. The recent move of the Duchess of Sussex writing empowering messages on the bananas for the sex workers in Bristol, has left the internet in happy tears. “You are strong,” “you are loved,” “you are special”, and many more positive words were written on the yellow peels.

That’s it for this week! We agree, there were a lot of videos going viral on social media, but the above ones have been loved the most by the netizens. To end, we hope that the weather in the United States stop being too harsh on the residents and let them begin their daily chores and also anticipate that the sex workers in Bristol have got Markle’s messages right.