Brazilian Banker Walks in Dressed As Spider-Man on His Last Day at Work; Watch Hilarious Video
Brazilian Banker Walks in Dressed As Spider-Man on His Last Day at Work (Photo Credits: Walter Costa/ Instagram)

It is your last day on the job; just one final 8-hour stint and then you are off to start your new position at a new place or venture into a gig of your own. So, what’s your plan to spend this glorious day? Moonwalking down the hallways? Telling those fellows who have ever got into your nerves to what you think about them? Sounds fancy, but this Brazilian worker’s final day stunt appears as better advise. Dress like a Spider-Man! Yes, a banker on his last day at work, chose to spend time with his co-workers, wearing the famous superhero costume. The internet cannot get enough of the video which is going viral, with netizens lauding his super cool move. French 'Spider-Man' Alain Robert Arrested After Climbing 47-Storey Building at 721-Feet Height in Manila. 

The unidentified man was pictured posing at his desk at an undisclosed location in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after he recently quit his job. He was even seen taking calls at the bank and offering some banking advice to a colleague, all in Spider-Man costume. A picture of the banker was posted on an Instagram story by a co-worker, shows him lying across a desk during the office hours. It was captioned, “Last day of work and this person is driving the boss mad.” Man Coolly Walks Off With Million-Dollar Painting Right Under Visitors' Noses at Russian Museum. 

Watch Video of Banker Dressed As Spider-Man On His Last Day at Work. 

The superhero’s viral pictures and videos have won him hundreds of fans on social media. Whether you are leaving on a high or low note, the last day of the work could be awkward and stressful. However, this man’s coolest stunt on his final day at his job, has given us some inspiration to beat those strain. End it on a positive and cheerful note, always!