Girls Won't Get Their 'Naturally Perfect Dolls' For Christmas 2018 As Company Faces Bankruptcy Despite Successful Appearance on Shark Tank
Naturally Perfect Dolls (Photo credits: Facebook)

While a lot of parents must have thought of surprising their daughters' with dolls, they would be disappointed if they chose the famous 'Naturally Perfect Dolls' company which appeared on TV show Shark Tank. The company which was doing well after the TV show appearance are now facing bankruptcy and have nothing to offer to the girls who await their creations. Dismissing the beauty standards, set by Barbie doll, these figurines were more inclusive of different skin tones and facial features. Australian Mother Claims Her Daughter’s Luvabella Doll Turned into a Demon from a Horror Movie.

Angelica and Jason Sweeting started this company in the year 2015 when their daughter compared herself to a white, fair doll with yellow hair. They decided to create their own dolls which would challenge the set beauty standards. In January 2017 they appeared on the show of Shark Tank and had Daymond John investing in their company. After this episode, their dolls were off the racks immediately. The idea of diversity and self-acceptance in dolls impressed many other parents. However, John pulled the plug after some days citing 'due diligence.' Want to Be Like A Barbie Doll? These Girls’ Desire to Be The Replica Is Expensive But Worth A Look.

With the initial investor gone, the tough times began. Now the company has angry customers waiting for their orders to receive them. The owners have admitted that about 800 of their dolls are at their warehouse in China, whereas they should have been gift-wrapped under Christmas trees in several houses. The customers were given excuses like delays in shipment due to Chinese New Year celebrations. But the owner Sweeting has agreed there is nothing they can do about it, nor even refunding their customers.

Sweeting was quoted in a report, "I send my deepest apologies. We know what the doll means to little girls and their parents. We understand people are upset. It’s a tough pill to swallow. We had the best intentions." Talking about refunding them she said, "The customers’ funds made off pre-orders are with the manufacturer in China." They have been unable to secure the business without funding. Along with a business that has tanked, a lot of hopes of little girls to receive their dolls also remain unfulfilled.