Australian Mother Claims Her Daughter’s Luvabella Doll Turned into a Demon from a Horror Movie
Possessed Luvabella doll. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

A horrified mother claimed that her three-year-old daughter’s doll turned into a demon and shared the footage on social media. Sarah from New South Wales claimed that the 125-dollar Luvabella Blonde Doll appeared to shiver at the mouth. Sarah told Kidspot, “It was a birthday present for my daughter. She got it on October 3rd and the doll went crazy on December 16th.” The mother compared the doll to a demon after her jaw started moving faster the longer she was on despire replacing the batteries. Possessed Doll Attacked Boyfriend Because It Was Jealous, Claims a Peruvian Woman.

The doll is popular among young children and the product description reads: “From the moment she opens her eyes and giggles, Luvabella will amaze you with her true=to-life expressions and personality. She moves, talks and plays just like a real baby.” After sharing the footage on a Facebook group, many joked about the doll being possessed and referencing her with Chucky – the fictional villain of the Child’s Play slasher film series. Sarah also said that the eyes would stick and not open, the mouth began to tremble, and the doll started sounding strange as well. Teen Girl Wants to Marry Her Zombie Doll, Claims They Have Normal Intimate Relationship.

Sarah shared the video online to warn parents who were thinking to purchase the doll as a Christmas present for their little ones. She wrote: “Attention everyone that has a Luvabella for Xmas…ours turned demon. Keep you receipts! They come with 12 months warranty! This doll is two months old. Also reviews from others say this and the eyes not opening is a common flaw. She has new batteries its not a battery issue, definitely demon related.” However, Sarah managed to get an exchange at the store after returning the ‘malfunction’ doll. Luvabella’s manufacturer Spin Master hasn’t yet commented about this faulty doll.