Just when you thought, you had enough in 2020; google services go down. Could the year BE any worse? Gmail is not responding; YouTube is down too, and so are many other Google platforms. Users are facing problems with all the Google services. Hence they are doing the best they could- create funny memes at the odd situation. Because, hey, you can't even Google to know why Google is down. The end of the year is making things difficult, even for the tech giant. Netizens say it is the great Google blackout of 2020. ROFL at these funny memes and jokes, while the tech giant continues to resolve the technical glitches.

The moment Google services went down, billions of users are impacted. The issue appears to be a global problem. Especially, during the time, when a large section of the population is working from home. Unable to send or receive emails, people are sharing funny memes and jokes, and what more 2020 have in store for us. Meanwhile, when users try opening YouTube, it says, ‘Something went wrong,’ and a picture of a monkey holding a wrench. The ongoing Google meet sessions, and upcoming meetings seem to have postponed, because Google Meet is reportedly not responding as well.

It is not known as to why Google is down, but people sure hold 2020 responsible. The year, when you cannot even Google to know why Google is down. Check out the hilarious memes and jokes, as the services go down.

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According to the latest report, Gmail has been resumed for a few users as of now, after nearly 30 minutes of a technical glitch. More report on the same is awaited.

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