New Delhi, December 14: Gmail and YouTube, two of the most used applications of Google, suffered an outage globally on Monday. Users raised complaints on social media applications like Twitter after they were unable to use Google Chats, Hangouts and other services accessed through their Gmail account. Gmail, YouTube & Other Google Services DOWN, Netizens Post Funny Memes and Jokes on Twitter While Waiting for Google to Resolve Outage.

The outage of Gmail services remained a matter of concern for those involved in professional work, as the Google Chats and Gmail are used on real time basis for sharing information. The applications turned more essential after the outbreak of COVID-19, as a major section of the white-collared workforce is working remotely.

Gmail, YouTube Goes Down Globally

The message received by users, after the failed search results, reads as follows: "There was an error. Please try again later. That's all we know." Above the message, one can see the alert of "500. That's an error."

An array of netizens resorted to sarcasting posts and jokes to air their views over the outage of Gmail, the most-used mailing platform, and YouTube -- the popular video streaming platform.

Year 2020!

What's Happening!

The reason for the outage was yet to be known. A statement from Google was awaited by the time this report was first published. While Gmail, its apps and YouTube are down, the normal Google search remained functional via the web browser.

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