Google Street View Map Leads to Divorce! Husband Finds Wife's Photos Cuddling With Another Man in Peru
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay, rawpixel)

Google Maps can be very useful to get directions and track your way to any destination. And then it can also lead you to the path of divorce! Sounds strange? Well, a Peruvian man was shocked when he saw pictures of his wife hugging and cuddling up with someone else on Google Street View photos. The man has divorced her right after. The man was finding the best way to reach a bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru, when he saw his own wife cuddling on a bench with someone else. Are Ghosts Real? These Google Maps Street View Images Have Captured Some Creepy Faces, Watch Video. 

The man was stroking the hair of the woman and he lay with his head down on her lap. On observing the clothes of this woman, he was disheartened to figure it was his own wife. He looked at it closer, thanks to the Street View camera and found their pictures. These pictures were taken by the Google Camera Car back in the year 2013. Dog Followed Google Street View Car in Japan and Ruined Every Photo on Google Maps. 

The man was enraged and went on to confront to his wife. She admitted that she was having an affair in the past. On the grounds of infidelity, the couple is now divorced. The man shared these photographs on social media and people commented 'how it's a small world' after all. The name of the couple is not known, but the local media confirmed that they have got divorced.

The Google Street View Camera Car has captured several funny moments, including some spooky stuff at times. Although the advent of technology makes its easier to find ways in times of need, who would have ever imagined, it would serve as a proof of infidelity.