Grandmother is Winning The Internet With Her Over-Excited Reaction on Receiving a Purse She Desired Since 20 Years! (Watch Cute Video)
Grandmother reaction goes viral (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

We all love it when we get a gift that we have always wanted. A 72-year-old grandmother's reaction to receiving a gift she desired is going viral. A video of her excitedly jumping and screaming in happiness on receiving a purse has been shared online by her granddaughter, and it is winning the internet with over 10 million views in just two days. It was a purse that she wanted since the last 20 years but never mentioned it to anyone. When she finally got it on her birthday, her joy knew no bounds! Grandmother Giggling And Swaying After Eating Grandson's Cannabis-Laced Food Leaves the Internet in Splits (Watch Video).

Twitter user Zahria Lavette Palmer, of Flint, Michigan, captured her grandmother's reaction on opening her gift. When she realised it was the purse she always wanted, her excitement turned into happy screams and jumping in joy. She just cannot contain her excitement and even puts the purse over her head at a point. Her excitement is winning the hearts on the internet as the video continues to go viral. Grandma and Granddaughter’s Fashion Faceoff Is Taking Instagram by Storm! Who Did It Better? (Watch Video).

Watch Video of Grandmother Reaction on Getting the Desired Purse:

Isn't she the cutest? People on the internet loved her vibe and energy. The video has been retweeted over lakh times and over 10 million views. Check some of the reactions below.

The Purse is Like Her Time Machine

SO Cute!

She Deserves This Happiness

Wholesome Content

She's So Full of Life

We cannot agree more! In the next tweets, the granddaughter also mentioned that her granny hadn't mentioned it to anyone that she wanted this purse, unless recently. So on her birthday, the family got the Brahmin purse for her. And we just love her reaction. This also reminds us of another viral video of the little girl who was so excited to receive a banana from her dad. While the father agreed it was the worst gift to give, his daughter was too happy to receive the fruit even.