Grandmother Giggling And Swaying After Eating Grandson's Cannabis-Laced Food Leaves the Internet in Splits (Watch Video)
Grandmother eats grandson's cannabis edibles (Photo Credits: kilgore9012 YouTube)

It is rightly said that people become mentally young when they grow old. People who live with grandparents would know about the love, care and affection they long for. They behave like young children and almost become like one. And one video going viral on social media reminds us how child-like grandparents can be. In the clip which is being shared widely on social media, the grandmother can be seen giggling after eating her grandson's cannabis edibles. It seems she accidentally had the eatables not knowing that it contained weed. And as the video goes viral, social media users were left couldn't stop themselves from laughing. With Weed-Beer in the Making, These Weed-Infused Drinks Could Serve as Potions for Stoners Around the World.

In the video, the grandmother can be seen sitting on a reclining leather chair and laughing to herself. She manages to grab the drink kept next to her and takes a sip slowly. She can also be heard singing something softly moving as if she were dizzy. The grandmother can be seen placing her drink back on the hand of the chair very carefully, not wanting to spill anything. The video was shared on social media with the caption, "My Grandma ate my edibles, im crying." Georgia Mother Orders Disney-Themed Cake For Daughter Who Likes 'Moana', Bakery Mishears it For Marijuana (See Pic)

Watch The Video Below:

She can be seen swaying, snapping her fingers ad clapping with after finishing the drink. As the video was shared widely, Twitterati commented that it reminded them of the times when they were high. There have been multiple instances in the past when grandparents lost their senses after accidentally consuming cannabis-laced foods, mostly belonging to their grandchildren. Such videos have often gone viral on social media making people laugh.