It is International Cat Day 2020 today, August 8. It is the purr-fect day to celebrate and pamper your cats, a little more. The day, also referred to as World Cat Day, is observed to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help and protect them. A dog is a man’s best friend, but the title for the internet’s best friend belongs to cats. The feline buddies have always entertained us with their cattitude and adorable expressions, time and again. It won’t be wrong to say that cats have been among some of the very first memes—the Grumpy Cat and childlike Lil Bub. These are the shining examples of furry fascination. As we celebrate International Cat Day 2020, in this article, we bring you six adorable videos of cats that are absolutely fur-bulous to watch, if you haven’t already. These funny and cute viral clips show why we are all just obsessed with our feline buddies. Grumpy Cat, Waffles, Hamilton - Meet 7 Famous Cats of Instagram. 

1. Black During National Football League

Do you remember the black cat, who interrupted a New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys game in 2019? With its shiny hair and amazing catwalk, the feline found fame on his own, just by storming MetLife Stadium during the NFL game. Cute Video of Otter Hugging a Cat While Sleeping is Going Viral, Check Other Adorable Pics and Videos of This 'Otterly Purrfect' Unlikely Friendship. 

2. The Cat Who Fell Betrayed!

Whoever watched this video, must easily speculate a catfight in this viral moment. The grey cat made his feelings known, as he watched his owners play with a new, blonde kitten. Look at his face; the jealousy is real!

3. The Cat Who Was Scared of Cat Ears in Halloween Costume

Dressing up as cats, is very common to see among people during Halloween. But you must take into account, how your pet cat may feel, after seeing you stealing his or her look. This cat, for example, got so scared and irritated of the cat ears, that he made it quite clear. Until the owner removed her cat ears, the feline was all freaked out. Cat Catches Partner Cheating With Other Feline and Its Reaction Is Straight Out of an Indian Daily Soap! 

4. Cat and Its Impressive Fielding Skills

Have you ever seen a cat, catching a ball using its paws, right? This one is the latest video, shared on Twitter. The clip shows a woman hitting the balls towards the cat using a golf stick. And the cat who is standing attentively in front of the little goal post, gets on its rear paws and amazingly catches the ball.

5. Cat and Its Affection Towards Master

Affection is NOT optional from r/cats

Aww. This is probably one of the most adorable cat videos, we have seen. A Reddit user shared this rare moment of his cat, cuddling and licking him, adorably.

6. Man Who Sets Up Camera to See What His Cat Does

Remember this video? This man from Thailand set up a camera to know what his cat was doing while he slept. Nothing usual! The feline can be seen, licking, and adoring its masters, who are taking a nap.

Aren’t these adorable videos? It is true that cats are the ones, who are not always fond of showing their affection, unlike dogs. But they are also the ones who just want more attention from their hoomans. Happy International Cat Day 2020, fur buddies!

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