February 13 marks the observance of International Condom Day. The day is observed to promote the practice of safe sex. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), an internationally known non-profit organisation has been observing International Condom Day. It is essentially marked a day prior to Valentine's Day, the day of love to propagate the idea of having safe sex. Using condoms during sexual intercourses is one of a very practical method to keep away STDs and avoid unwanted pregnancies. But how much do you know about this contraceptive? On this Condom Day 2020, we give you some interesting facts about condoms. Chicken Tikka Masala to Cannabis, These Are 8 Weirdest Condom Flavours That Will Make You Glad You Came.

10 Interesting Facts About Condoms

  1. The very first condoms were made with animal skin. Intestines of lamb and sheep were used to make the contraceptives but they weren't exactly safe as they were slightly porous. The first rubber condom was produced in the year 1855. Rubber companies were making mass production of these items which made them an economical choice.
  2. Condoms are said to have an average shelf life of four years. If not folded in the wallet or back pocket of your jeans, they can last for years.
  3. China holds the record for creating the largest condom. In the year 2003, during the World Population Day, China made an 80-meter x 100-meter condom.
  4. Condoms are tested with an electric current to ensure there are no holes in it. It is a part of a safety precaution taken for the quality of the condom.
  5. The first televised advertisement for a condom was made by a company called Trojan in the year 1975.Watch Video of the First Condom Ad Here:

  6. An average condom can hold as much as a gallon of water and it won't leak. Impressive, right?
  7. While it may seem relatively common, a lot of people don't know how to use a condom. The phrase "can you reuse a condom" produces more than 130,000 results on Google. How To Use A Female Condom: Step by Step Video To Wear The Women's Contraceptive.
  8. The Danish word for condoms is vangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.
  9. Condoms haven't always covered the full-length of the penis. Men in China used to place bits of silk paper and in Japan used tortoise-shell caps.
  10. The earliest illustration of a man using a condom was in a 12,000–15,000 years old painting on the wall of a cave in France.

Condoms are easy to carry and the most affordable way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. One of the ways is to spread awareness among younger kids about safer sex. On this condom day, you can share these fun facts and spread awareness about the contraceptive method.

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