One needs to be really really strong to go through one disease after another. Especially in a situation like COVID-19 which has been damaging people's immune systems, a British charity worker in India has proved to be invincible. Ian Jones is now recovering from a cobra bite but he has also been through COVID-19, malaria and dengue! Jones was bitten by the dangerous snake in Rajasthan's Jodhpur while he was there for some work. He had contracted COVID-19 in March and there was fear that he had contracted it the second time, when he was admitted for the snake bite.

As reported by AFP, his son Seb Jones has made a GoFundMe page to help his medical bills and travel back to the Isle of Wight in southern England. "Dad is a fighter, during his time out in India he had already suffered from malaria and dengue fever before Covid-19," his son wrote on the page. He has not been able to visit back home amid the pandemic. Ian Jones works in Rajasthan through his charity-backed social enterprise, Sabirian. He works with the traditional craftsmen and imports their good into Britain, providing them with an opportunity to earn and escape poverty. 20-Year-Old Survives a Shark, Bear & Rattlesnake Bite, in Just Less Than Three Years: View Pics.

Talking about Jones' condition, doctor Abhishek Tater who treated him for the snake bite told AFP, "Jones came to us last week after a snake bite in a village in the region. Initially it was suspected that he is also Covid-19 positive (for the second time) but he tested negative for that. While with us, he was conscious and had snake bite symptoms including blurring of vision and difficulty to walk, but these are generally transient symptoms." Jones has been discharged this week and the doctor said that his condition would become normal in the next few days. As his son says, Ian Jones is really a fighter!

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