Jordanian Man Kills Son by Pushing the 1-YO's Pram into Sea, Was Mad at Wife Who Made Him Babysit
Baby (Photo Credits: Pixabay, Representational Image)

A Jordanian father killed his one-year-old son by drowning him in the sea in Thailand. The shocking incident came to light when police found the decomposing body of the boy that had washed ashore. The man had tied the feet of his own son to a pram and pushed him inside the water at Bali Hai port. Jordanian tourist Wael Nabil Salman Zureikat, arrived in Pattaya with his wife, however, he was annoyed at his wife who went outside without him.

Reportedly, the woman visited bars making him babysit the child. Angered by his wife's actions, he 'decided to kill' their son and tied his feet to a stroller. After the incident, he tried to flee the country but was arrested at the airport. As per reports, the killing took place on Friday night. Police detained the man at Suvarnabhumi airport from where he was attempting to flee Thailand. The video of his arrest from the airport has been going viral on social media. Punjab: Elderly Man Kills Son, Chops His Body to Marry Daughter-in-Law in Faridkot,

Locals were the first to spot the body floating in the sea and thought it was a doll. However, they alerted the police as it appeared suspicious. When cops found the boy, he was still strapped to a pushchair. Officers took Zureikat on a crime re-enactment where he explained what he did. Officials said that the man arrived in Thailand after his wife promised to look after the child. But once in Pattaya, she went out for parties leaving the baby with him. As per reports, he killed the child in a fit of rage but regretted it later. Hate Bhindi? Father Kills His Son as Daughter-In-Law Cooks Okra over Suran in Ulhasnagar.

Watch the video below:

Daily Mail quoted Police Lieutenant Colonel Piyapong Ensarn as saying, "The body was examined and found that the left leg was tied to a pushchair and found no signs of being hurt. The Jordanian tourist confessed to killing his son by tying him to a stroller and pushing him into the water. He said he had been to Pattaya many times and his wife had agreed to look after the baby. She went outside to bars to party and he did not want to stay alone looking after their son. He said he decided to kill the boy then try to fly home but he was captured at the airport."