Kiki Challenge in Mumbai Local Train! Central Railways Call for Probe Against the Youth After Video of 'Stunt' Goes Viral
Kiki Challenge in Mumbai local train. (Photo Credits: YouTube Video Grab)

Kiki Challenge doesn’t seem to end despite several warnings from police across nation. Almost people from all walks of life have tried their hand at this dangerous challenge. And now moving from cars, a youth performed the infamous challenge in a local train in Mumbai. The youth, apparently in his 20s, is seen in a YouTube video uploaded on July 30, dancing to the track, first in a moving train and then on the platform. The Central Railway’s Railway Protection Force (RPF) is verifying the video in which the youth performed the Kiki Challenge stunt while the train was in motion at CST.

The video was uploaded on a channel called ‘Somu Stoodio’, titled ‘Kiki Challenge in local trains’. The video starts with a youth dancing in a local train compartment and getting down from the vehicle as it starts moving. In a second instance, the youth is seen dancing on the platform and boards a moving local train before alighting again. The name of the youngster is not mentioned, however, at the start of the video, there is a warning stating that whatever is shown in it should not be repeated.

Video of Kiki Challenge Performed in a Mumbai Local Train

While the video has gone viral, the railway authorities are displeased and have deemed it as a ‘stunt’. Speaking to Mid-Day, Sachin Bhalode, senior divisional security commissioner Central Railway said, “We’ve seen the footage uploaded by a user and I’ve asked my officials to find the man doing this Kiki dance challenge. Once we find him, we’ll book him under section 156 (Travelling on roof, step or engine of a train) of the Indian Railway Act. We consider this act as a stunt on the railways, which is dangerous for life. I’m also appealing to people to not perform this Kiki dance challenge. It is risky to your life.”

The Mumbai Police had also recently issued an advisory on its official Twitter handle, sharing a picture of a digital board saying, ‘Kiki is bored of her own challenge. Stop it! #GetInToTheCar’. The tweet read, “We love your safety and can’t leave it to be decided by Kiki, #GetInToTheCar #KikiChallenge #InMySafetyFeelings”. The Kiki Challenge started after comedian Shiggy danced to Canadian rapper Drake’s song In My Feelings in an Instagram video.