Lottery Winner Hides from Greedy Relatives by Wearing ‘Scream’ Mask
Super Lotto award ceremony. (Photo credit: Twitter)

Money changes people. We know for a fact that people's attitude towards changes on the basis of your status, at least some bit. Usually, during our happy time when we have money, most relatives and "well-wishers" want to be with us. Looks like a lottery winner, named A. Campbell, perhaps had some past experience with money and his relatives that he asked to keep himself anonymous during the Super Lotto award ceremony where he was to be given the winning prize. According to reports, he didn't want to share his winning amount with his family members. He is said to have come to collect his prize after waiting for 54 days, and he turned up to claim his £1million prize wearing a mask from the movie scream.

According to media reports, he hid his face because he didn't want to share his prize money with his greedy family relatives and therefore wanted to go incognito to receive the prize. He received the prize after winning the nation's Super Lotto lottery with the amount of whopping $158.4 million ($1.17 million US), which he won in November last year.

Take a look at his pictures and videos on Twitter.

Isn't is funny?

He is uber cool about it

While we cannot say for a fact what made him so afraid of his own relatives that he had to wear a mask at his award ceremony but being cautious with money is always a good move nevertheless.