Drunk Maid Passes Out Again on Kitchen Floor! Thankfully, She Wasn’t Naked This Time (View Pics)
Maid Drunk & Passed Out on Kitchen’s Floor (Photo Credits: Geevee Snow/ Facebook)

It's advisable to keep a maid these days, considering how busy we get in our professional lives.  But when we see instances of horror stories about maids making headlines all over the world, we tend to give it a second thought. Such cases attest to just how difficult it is to find good help. Leaving your house to a total stranger these days have only become quite serious.  An incident at a Brooklyn apartment left the house owner regretting her decision to hire maids. The only thing these women cleaned out was the liquor cabinet!  After she returned to her apartment, the homeowner Genevieve Snow encountered her house trashed, and one of the cleaners passed out drunk on the kitchen’s floor. The pictures (now viral) are a proof! Interestingly, this is not her first time. Man With Big Mouth Smokes 130 Cigarettes at One Time, Watch Shocking Video. 

In a Facebook post, Snow described the entire incident. She revealed that she hired two ladies from a cleaning service in Brooklyn. She left for her work paying the duo 240 dollars (approximately, Rs 17,800) that also includes a tip in advance. “I hired two ladies from Joanna’s Cleaning Service in Brooklyn and they didn’t clean a thing, just drank all my liquor and f**ked up my home,” write fuming Snow on her Facebook along with pictures of her messed apartment. A Maid By Day and Stand-Up Comic by Night, Deepika Mhatre Is Bold, Funny and Inspiring. 

Pictures of Drunk Maid Passed Out on Kitchen's Floor. 

Snow emailed her most recent contact at the business, a woman identifying herself as Joanna Oltuszewska. When Snow asked for reimbursement, the company tried to explain it with a sad story claiming that the passed-out maid’s husband had just left her, and her teen daughter was knocked up. The New York Police Department did not take any report, telling her that the cleaners had not committed any crimes and advised to “take it to civil court.” But the story isn’t over yet!

The New York Post revealed a man witnessing a similar account in his Manhattan apartment in 2016. Nicholas Gomes, who found Oltuszewska via Yelp, said that he found her pantless near two smashed MacBooks. "Oltuszewska took a plea deal for disorderly conduct and agreed to pay him $2,000 in restitution — but he only ever received $400 and has since given up trying to chase her down," reads the report.

Oltuszewska stopped responding to Snow altogether. Snow then posted about her horrific experience with a bad review on Joanna Cleaning Service’s Yelp page. That is when a woman named Joanna Sokolowska contacted her. She said that her company, Joanna Cleaning Service had not cleaned her home since 2017 and insisted she must have contacted Oltuszewska, a former employee who was fired in 2013 and set up a rival company called Joanna’s Cleaning. Snow said, “The end goal is finding an address to sue the business. If there really are two Joanna’s Cleaning Services, I want to know who owns both of them and where they are registered.”