Man With Big Mouth Smokes 130 Cigarettes at One Time, Watch Shocking Video
Man smokes cigarettes for creating record (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

People with big mouths can probably talk loudly and go on talking but Mr Purol has something else to utilise his big mouth. In order to set up a world record, he smoked seven packs of cigarettes together. His mouth opens wider compared to a lot of us and while he attempted that record many years ago, he did it once again. At the time of making the record for the first time, Jim Purol was 35. He had smoked 159 cigarettes. Now aged 66, he reattempted the feat managing with 130 cigarettes. Indonesian Toddler Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day! Gets Addicted After Smoking Discarded Butts On The Street (Watch Video).

Known as Jim 'Mouth' Purol because of his ability, he holds several smoking records to his name. But ironically, he is a non-smoker. He had taken part in smoking pipes, 38 at a time, all this for a charity performance for the American Lung Association. He hates smoking and is using reverse mindset to drive people away. He was quoted in a report, "I perform the stunts as a statement against smoking. Lookit this picture of me with cigarettes stuffed in my face. This is glamorous? It's disgusting." Purol at his latest attempt smokes 130 cigarettes. 6.25 Lakh Children are Smoking in India Daily, What Could be the Causes and How can you Stop Them? 

Watch Video of Man Smoking 130 Cigarettes at Once:

And while he has made attempts with smoking, that is not the only thing Mr Purol masters in. He has also made other funny things fitting it maximum things in his mouth. His another records mention of fitting 180 McDonald's Fries and 18 hot dogs at one time. Purol aims at contributing to charity events in whatever way he can. He attempts making records one after another every year. Going back to the 70s, the guy also held the record for drumming duration by drumming for 320 hours.