Man Masturbates on West Bengal Station, Woman Live Streams The Video on Facebook
Woman live streamed the masturbation video on Facebook (Photo credits: Pixabay/Simon)

West Bengal, July 9: A man was caught masturbating on a platform of a railway station in West Bengal and to catch a proof of him, a woman live streamed the incident on Facebook. The shameful incident took place at the Bandel station. A man somewhere in the mid-50s stood right in front of the women's compartment and began to masturbate. Once the railway staff caught notice of him, he ran.

The incident took place at 1.15pm near the Howrah-bound local arrived on Bandel station. The man was also making some obscene gestures at the women, who neglected him for long. The train would soon leave, so the women ignored. But a 20-year old man not just captured it on her phone but live streamed it on social media platform Facebook. While talking to a report in NDTV she said, "He was doing all this in full public display, and he was standing in front of railway police office. When the staff saw me making a video, they sprang into action and got him. But the man managed to escape. The video ends at this point." In the video, she was heard saying, "Let him do whatever he wants." She captured it as a proof of his obscenity. Uber Driver Masturbates in Front of Female Passenger, Sacked.

A similar case was reported in Kolkata in the month of May when a man was masturbating in the bus. The girl had recorded the video and posted on Facebook and police were successful in arresting him. In this case, the man fled by boarding the train but the GRP has been informed about the same. A railway police official from Bandel said, "He appeared to be mentally unstable. We have informed the Burdwan GRP, but he is untraceable." Such shameful incidents have been reported from various cities in the country.