Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has always been quite active on Twitter. However, the recent conversation between IRCTC and a man has left Twitter in splits. The conversation about Adsense between IRCTC and the man who goes by handle name @anandk2012 on the social media platform is making Twitter go ROFLing. In a tweet that the man addressed to all the Indian Railways fraternity right from @RailMinIndia, @IRCTCofficial to even @PiyushGoyalOffc he mentioned an issue of too many obscene ads being displayed on his screen. His tweet read: "Obscene and vulgar ads are very frequently appearing on the IRCTC ticket booking app. This is very embarrassing and irritating @RailMinIndia @IRCTCofficial @PiyushGoyalOffc kindly look into." The man also attached screengrabs of the IRCTC website on his screen where you can see some pictures and ads that are obscene in nature.

Take a look at the at his Tweet:

The Tweet complaint was very seriously replied by IRCTC saying that a lot of what one sees as ads on their screen is based on the cookies of the person. Which means Google will show you what you actually look for usually as ads. IRCTC replied: "Irctc uses Googles ad serving tool ADX for serving ads. These ads uses cookies to target the user. Based on user history and browsing behaviour ads are shown. Pl clean and delete all browser cookies and history to avoid such ads. -IRCTC Official"

Take a look at the reply tweet by IRCTC:

How Do Google Ads Work on IRCTC or Any Other Site?

You must have noticed that the piece of clothing you must have searched once in your life follows you everywhere you are online? Yes, it is not just a mere coincidence but is called cookie-based targeting used by the search-engine giant Google. This helps them to target a very specific audience for specific product or services. You must have many times answered the question before entering a website that says "we accept cookies" with agree or disagree options. They are basically asking you to allow them to register your choices. Cookies majorly is a small piece of data or information sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser while the user is browsing it.

So now that you know how your ads work and why you keep getting ads of similar pattern, here are some of the hilarious reactions the person complaining about obscene ads to IRCTC received:


A friendly piece of advice

Who did this?

We didn't say a thing


Bhai Bhai

So the lesson is learnt! Try to go incognito whenever you search for stuff that you don't want to be recorded on your history list. Get it?

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