Manforce Condoms' Video Ad Urges Youngsters to Have Safe Sex, Not to Film Intimate Moments & #ShutThePhoneUp
Manforce Condoms Video Ad (Photo Credits: Manforce Condoms YouTube)

Mumbai, November 29: Manforce Condoms has released a public service awareness campaign titled 'There's No Going Back' as part of the #ShutThePhoneUp series. The new video educates the audience about data security — that all data is erased after smartphones are formatted. The film further urges the audience not to film their intimate moments and to indulge in safe sex. Deepika Padukone Weds Ranveer Singh: Manforce Condoms Suggests Them What to Wear on D-Day!

The video has garnered 1.5 million views on the brand's YouTube channel. The film showcases the story of a couple, who is being blackmailed for the intimate photos which were in their phone and now in the hands of some unscrupulous person. The brand aims to burst the bubble around data security and urges people to #ShutThePhoneUp.Sunny Leone's Manforce Condom Video Ad Still Gets Day Time Slot! Does Government Need to Come Clear With Guidelines on Condom Advertising?

Check the Manforce Condoms Video Here:

Last year, as part of their first film, the brand urged youngsters to keep their phone away and to enjoy their private moments. The film was on the back of an alarming statistics that came into the hands of the brand, which said that 19 percent of couples in India filming their imitate moments. Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador and she is usually seen in her raunchy avatars in the television commercials.