Social media woke up to beautiful images of the worm moon by NASA and other amazing photographers who managed to get a shot of the beauty in the skies last night. The full moon of March, the Worm Moon was seen in the skies on March 9 aka yesterday and being the Supermoon, the Earth's satellite appeared 30% brighter and closer to us. It was one huge sight to witness and the best photographers did a great job at capturing it. March Full Moon 2020 Date and Timing: All About First Supermoon of This Year.

Moon watching is a different experience altogether. It doesn't just provide serenity but also peace at heart. A lot of people love watching the different phases of the moon and this time around. Moreover, it was the supermoon and totally worth it. The full moon of the month of March is called the Worm Moon and this year, Worm Moon 2020 or the Full Worm Supermoon 2020 was seen on March 9. According to the Universal time, it occured at 5:48 PM  and 11:18 PM IST. For people who wanted to witness the beautiful sight, looked directly at the moon because unlike the solar eclipse, there is no harm in looking at the moon directly.

So Beautiful



Worm Moon Phases


People moved away from pollution of the city to watch the moon clearly. The dark clouds enhanced the beauty of the already beautiful worm moon. People used their binoculars or telephoto lenses to get a better view.

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