Mature Bag Meme Guy Vaibhav Vora Is Back With More ‘Mature’ Dressing Tips for Boys (Watch Video)
Mature Bag Meme Guy Vaibhav Vora (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ Facebook)

Looking smart and being comfortable at the same time, is no easy task, especially when you are a college student. Selecting the right outfit is sometimes a challenge. Well for boys, they do not have to worry anymore ever since “fashion expert” Vaibhav Vora came in with his “mature bag,” fashion video. The clip, which has surfaced online has paved more memes than fashion tips. But that does not stop Vaibhav from coming up with more related videos. He is back with “mature” dressing tips for boys. No matter, if it already tickles your funny bones, let us tell you, the boy indeed have a fashion taste, you can’t deny. Watch the video to decide.

In the now-viral clip, Vaibhav is seen visiting Brand Factory, to buy some “mature outfits,” for himself. Not only that he got his hands in some cool clothes for everyday wear, he even stopped at customers, who were confused while deciding what to shop. From a casual look to sportswear to even beach-ready, Vaibhav shows how college-goers can ace everyday looks in this video. Funny Mature Bag Memes, Jokes, GIFs Are Here to Stay! Forget JCB Memes Already, Will You?

Watch the Viral Video Here: 

Watch Mature Bag Viral Video

After mature bag, Vaibhav’s “mature dressing” too garnered enough reactions online. At the time of writing this, the video has garnered more than ninety thousand views and over six hundred shares.