Storm Area 51 Facebook Page Creator to Mature Bag Boy Funny Memes, Watch 7 Viral Videos of the Week
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Freepik)

We have survived another hectic week, amazingly. Thanks to social media, never-ending viral memes and videos kicking all the enthusiasm to meet the work week like a boss. Last week, disgusting footages of youngsters tampering food items at stores angered netizens. One after another, the teenagers are facing legal charges as they were gross and foolish enough to make their clips and upload on social media, shamelessly. This week, another viral event showed up, however, only to charge up the netizens. Storm Area 51 Facebook event. Oh hell, how it crazed the social media users! Again, mature bag boy, advice to use leather bags in college hilariously cracked up the netizens. The videos have paved the way to make countless memes, and why not! So, without any further ado, let us take a look back to watch the top seven viral videos starting from Area 51 Facebook page creator to the mature bag boy funny memes. They are sure to charge you up for the weekend!

1. Meet the Storm Area 51 Facebook Page Creator

Facebook page of Storm Area 51 has made the world go crazy. And the viral memes and preparation videos to rescue aliens if at all are proof. Storm Area 51 took over the internet. So much, that the Facebook page creator, was scared if FBI would show up at his door, as the U.S. Air Force intervened to warn the citizens. In a CNN affiliate KLAST-TV, creator, Matty Roberts from California admitted that he created the page for a joke. He had no intentions to raid Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada. Hear him out in the interview.

2. Loyal Dog Refuses to Move From Spot Where Owner Died

The unidentified dog, dubbed as “Greek Hachiko,” by localities in Nafpaktos, Greece is still mourning the demise of his owner. As per local reports, about 18 months ago, the faithful pooch’s owner died in a car accident. The spot is about seven and a half miles away from their home. Ever since then, the dog refuses to move from the spot. Locals have built him a small kennel, placed a blanket for him to stay warm with regular service of food and water.

3. Steepest Street in the World

Harlech’s Ffordd Pen Llech in North Wales is now the steepest street in the world with a gradient of 37 percent. The Welsh seaside town has taken the crown of Guinness World Record, which was earlier held by Baldwin Street, Dunedin in New Zealand. The video of the steepest street has captivated the netizens and the new record is expected to attract more tourists in the future.

4. Deer Wading Through Deep Neck Assam Floodwater

The situation of the North-eastern state of India, Assam is extremely serious. The death toll is increasing and 90 percent of the world-famous wildlife home, Kaziranga National Park is drowned. NFP authorities are working round the clock, to rescue animals stuck in the floodwater. Videos and images of the natural disaster have upset the netizens. And this video of deer wading through deep neck floodwater is just another distressing scene from the north-eastern state.

5. Tourists Wake Up Sleeping Panda by Throwing Stones

Some tourists visiting China’s Beijing Zoo could see the adorable fluffy bear sleep and they decided to throw stones at it. The viral video shows a Panda sitting in an enclosure when a stone bounces next to him. This has angered the netizens. After the clip went viral, the zoo authorities promised to improve the security at the enclosures. Well, they better be!

6. Body-Shaming Priest Pushed Off the Stage by Irate Woman

A video of a woman pushing a priest off the stage during a public sermon has gone viral. Netizens are lauding the Irate woman as the priest reportedly told the listeners that “fat women don’t go to heaven.” Well the priest, identified as Marcelo Rossi, must have learned a lesson for misleading the listeners. However, the woman’s friends later reported that she was suffering from mental health problems. But such was not verified.

7. Mature Bag Funny Video

By now, you must be well acquainted with this teenager, whose fashion mantra on “how to look attractive,” is cracking up all. To make a “stand out” appearance in college, you should carry a mature bag, aka a leather one. They are available on Amazon for Rs. 1500. The mature bag is the in-thing, well for memes!

These were this week’s top viral video that crazed the netizens. We are so curious to see, what the outcome of these clips are going to be. Especially, Area 51. Are netizens seriously going to Nevada to raid U.S. most secret military area? Or will it be restricted to memes only? Let us wait for the coming week to unveil.