Mature Bag Memes Are Going Viral But Mumbai Police Has This To Say!
Mumbai Police tweets on Mature Bag Memes (Photo credits: Twitter)

Mumbai, July 12: While, the internet is filled with mature bag memes, Mumbai Police known for their smart and witty creatives has jumped onto the viral bandwagon in their latest tweet. By using the image of a leather bag, the post reads-' It doesn't matter, how the bag looks'-- Mature, attractive, sporty, versatile and stylish. If it is lying unattended, please report it.' Mature Bag Memes Take Over The Internet After Funny Video of 'How to Look Attractive' Goes Viral, Check Jokes and Tweets

For those who are unaware of this sudden social media craze 'mature bag, let us tell you what it is. It started from a viral video of a college guy explaining how to look attractive in college. In the video, the guy explains that one has to carry a mature bag aka a leather bag to look 'cool.' Netizens have found this good enough content for meme material and thus your internet is flooded with 'mature bag' jokes and memes.

Check the smart tweet by Mumbai Police here:


While netizens are having a light moment on social media, Mumbai Police didn't miss the opportunity to tell people to stay alert always. Who could have thought of such a twist? Take a bow Mumbai Police social media creative team. You never fail to impress us!