December 2020, the last month of the year is already turning out to be mysterious as landmarks from around the world are disappearing. After the discovery and disappearance of Utah monolith, another one appeared in Romania, before mysteriously vanishing. This has definitely caused a buzz among netizens as something really seems fishy. But catching up with all the updates of these events, netizens have resorted to making funny memes and jokes online about monoliths. These structures have become target of pun games and some people are making their own versions of monoliths and sharing funny pictures online. Brands like Amazon, Budweiser and McDonalds have joined along. Monolith mysteries trend on Twitter with funniest memes, puns and jokes. Forget Utah Monolith, Now a Penis-Shaped Landmark From German Mountain Disappears From The Face of The Earth! (See Pics).

In a recent update, a photographer has revealed that four men were involved in shifting the structure away on a night, to avoid more people coming in and damaging the place. So as much as people speculated it to be aliens, it was humans. And now remains the mystery about what happened to the one in Romania, which too has vanished. Wrapping their heads around these updates, netizens use humour to counter it all. Funny memes and jokes along with puns and their own versions of monoliths are being shared online.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Monolith Mysteries:

Monolith is Back With Stories!

Amazon's Monolith

Budweiser's Fridge 

McD Drive Thru!

Monolith's Now in Vegas

HAHA, an Advanced Monolith

Everyone's Got One



While the mystery about Romania continues, people are having their own fun by installing their versions of the monoliths be it in their backyard or in their rooms. Some speculate this is some sort of a marketing campaign which is creating the buzz online. What do you think of these disappearing landmarks?

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