Mother of An Alien? Baby Scan of Pregnant Teen Mum Shows Extraterrestrial Face!
Pregnant mum has alien face in baby scan (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Every mother-to-be is excited to look at her baby's scan. It is one of the most exhilarating moments to see a glimpse of the oncoming child. But the very moment turned to be full of a shock for a teen mother from South Shields, Tyneside. Sophie Scott, a 16-year-old pregnant mother panicked when the baby scan showed an alien face! The joy of seeing her baby daughter grew into a panic when the scan looked like there was an alien in there.

Sophie and her partner Stephen Roberts thought the doctor has missed out there was a twin baby, as they saw an extra pair of eyes. Sophie, a first-time mum told Mirror UK, "We could see these extra eyes just beyond the baby and its head was shaped like an alien." She added that she had an ex who was obsessed with extraterrestrial life and probably it was his curse on Sophie's child. "I was scared the alien would eat my baby," she added. Sex With Aliens? People Have Had Strangest Encounters With Extra-Terrestrials, From Losing Virginity to Abduction by Them.

Check The Baby Scan Pic Here:

The shape in the stomach did reveal a face like the one in popular movie ET. The doctors also could not figure out what was the alien-like face. But they took a scan a few weeks later and thankfully there was no second child and nor an alien. Medical staff confirmed the scan shows no signs of extra-terrestrial life. The baby is due in October and Sophie joked, "We just hope she’s not born on Halloween as that’d be too spooky."

While this may be a case of a misinterpreted baby scan, there is a woman who went viral after she confessed, she is giving birth to an alien! A time-traveller claimed that she is carrying an alien baby from the year 3500. She also mentioned that her child will be a mix of human and an alien. The video in which she revealed about her time-travel journey and the torture she faced was shared on YouTube and it went viral with her shocking claims.